Galbanum, Ferula gummosa


BilledresultatTilhører skærmplanterne og gulerodsfamilien og stammer oprindeligt fra Iran. Den er beslægtet med pastinak  og duften minder lidt herom. Den æteriske olie fås ved distillering af plantens harpiks.

Galbanum er kendt fra oldtiden og er en af de æteriske olier der nævnes i biblen sammen med myrha og frankincense. Gud gav efter sigende Moses galbanum på Sinai bjerget. Thyrsosstaven,, den rituelle stav i Dionysiske ritualer var lavet af ferula stængel og galbanum er da også kendt som afrodisiaka. Prometheus smuglede ilden til menneskene i en ferula stav.

Galbanum er ofte indikeret til følelsesmæssig brug indenfor aromaterapi, til at hjælpe med at klare følelsesmæssige traumer og give slip på følelsesmæssige  tab. Den kan ofte hjælpe med at genskabe balance ved følelsesmæssige uregelmæssigheder og spændinger.


(Ferula gummosa) “This oil allows for the shedding of old ideas and outdated behavior and attitudes, resulting in total surrender to the Creator. It sheds light on life’s purpose and on the inner self. This oil may unveil sadness, wrongdoing, untruthfulness and crimes against the soul. It communicates with the deeper layers of self allowing for a gradual unfolding of truth. It is used to balance extreme or intense
emotions. Galbanum has a sesquiterpene level of 11%. This oil is the main ingredient in the blend “Gathering” because it aligns the brain with a person’s spiritual purpose. Galbanum was a favorite oil of Moses.
Testimonial by N.H., Reiki practitioner and Massage therapist: “I put Galbanum on my hands when I was doing a long distance Reiki session. I became very aware of the physical presence of the person I was working on. I could feel her liver, spleen, and lungs very clearly, as if the person was actually in the room with me. This has happened on a few different occasions. Something about Galbanum oil is very deep and very ancient.”
It helps to maintain focus. It pulls energies together. It maintains group consciousness. It is surrendering oil. This oil has a pungent, balsamic odor. “And the Lord said unto Moses, Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum; these sweet spices with pure frankincense: of each there shall be a like weight.” (Exodus 30:34)” Spiritual & Emotional Uses of Twelve Scriptural Oils
Source; Originally written by Judy DeRuvo in June 2001


It is classed as a mild irritant and should be used in small quantities. Galbanum should be avoided if pregnant or if you are trying to get pregnant and should be avoided by children and infants.


Galbanum essential oil is mostly used in inhalation therapy for its calming effect and also to reveal truth and encourage soul-searching – to ‘discover ones truth’ – where there is no wish to avoid the properties in the oil that may bring on menstruation or problems with pregnancy. Galbanum essential oil is excellent for treating skin conditions, is said to help heal wounds and bring relief in indigestion, breathing problems and to encourage blood circulation.

  • Burners and vaporizers
    • In vapor therapy Galbanum Essential Oil can be helpful with introspection, meditation and to calm the emotions. It is said to be able to help reveal inner truths that may also be unpleasant. Not to be used by woman who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. The oil is said to be very powerful, so it is recommended to rather use a small amount.
  • Blended Massage Oil and in the Bath
    • As a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath, Galbanum essential oil will assist with healing of skin conditions, respiratory problems, indigestion and painful lower legs, feet and hands. Not to be used by woman who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. The oil is said to be very powerful, so it is recommended to rather use a small amount.
  • Blended in a Cream
    • In a cream or lotion it is used to treat inflamed or infected skin conditions and painful lower legs, feet, hands and wrists.



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